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Dr. Pashkulev: Purification - a unified and multilateral process

What does the body need to be healthy?

To be healthy one needs certain nutrients only; that's what our modern society thinks, however, is that enough? It looks like this at first sight, however, this delusion is to large extent due to health degradation in the present day.

Now we consume more and various foods (and unfortunately, too often) compared to not so long ago. We often also take nutritional supplements that occasionally help. Overall, however, our health is not much better than it was in the past, and in some ways it has even worsened.

Apart from taking certain supplements, our body also needs to release - expelling toxins and unnecessary metabolism involved decomposition products. Unfortunately, in the West, society has forgotten this centuries-old technique. Eastern nations from ancient times to this day use a variety of techniques to cleanse body and mind - unloading nutrition, breathing and relaxation techniques, special baths, herbal and oil therapies.

The father of medicine, Hippocrates, states categorically: "The more you feed your body, the more you harm it, unless it is not cleansed!" Despite the tremendous amount of time having elapsed since the time of Hippocrates, this statement holds true to this day. Waste products and toxins disturb organ activity in such a way that much less useful substances can be absorbed by the body, and at the same time, the adverse substances each food contains, are released much more difficult.

Psychologists, in turn, insist on both emotional and mental cleansing to encompass deep-rooted subconscious patterns of thinking - archetypes determining the life of the individual. Apart from body and mind, man also has a soul, so many spiritual currents such as yoga, dao, zen and others speak of purification at the fine level (the soul level).

Complete body purification

Total cell purification and prevention of damaging factors

Many centuries ago, the remarkable physician and philosopher Paracelsus warned against the superficial approach to medicine being still in rife down to the present day. He said the following: "Those who just study and treat the external manifestations of the disease (its consequences) resemble those who imagine they can chase the winter away by wiping the snow out of the door. But snow does not cause winter, and winter causes snow." Therefore, real medicine should protect us from the factors that cause harm, while at the same time repairing the damages, especially at a deep cellular level. This can only happen through a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle that includes:

Purification of liquid media - blood, lymph and tissue fluid

Informally speaking, these are the "messengers" in the body, thanks to which the cells and organs feed themselves, release their unnecessary substances and receive hormonal signals for necessary changes in their functions. Their cleansing requires proper diet, drinking liquids, regular hygiene, and possibly reducing toxic substances being introduced to the body from the environment or through "heavy" medications.

Adminsitration of some herbs and specific minerals can also have a direct impact in this direction.

Cleansing of the digestive tract

The digestive system starts from the mouth and ends with the end of the colon. It has not only the function of supplying the necessary ingredients to the body but also certain detoxifying, immune, metabolic and neurogenic habits.

Any food being not digestible turns to toxin, both for the digestive system itself and for the whole body, therefore one must adhere to the golden mean when eating. Consumption of rotting and fermenting products in particular, such as meat and sugar products, should be limited. Fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains help keep the digestive and intestinal tract functioning properly.

In cases of certain diseases gastric and intestinal lavages can also be added to the hygiene procedures being normally limited to the oral cavity. Apart from the known herbs being good for digestion, such as chamomile, marigold, St. John's wort, plantain, etc., those with cholagogic action and protecting the liver and the pancreas are also important, as well as the enzyme supplements.

Liver cleansing

It is crucially involved with the cleanness of the whole body, because its ineffective work results in spreading more toxins through blood all over the body. Some foods such as unrefined vegetable oils and organic acids (citric, malic, etc.) help cleanse the liver promoting biliary excretion. Other spices and herbs such as red beets, cabbage, turmeric, dandelion, white thistle, andrograph, etc. promote directly the liver detoxifying function.

Liver fat metabolism in particular is promoted by the so-called phospholipids, being mainly supplied by the raw nuts, seeds and oils, and can also be added by the administration of lecithin.

Kidney and urinary tracts cleansing

Kidneys cleansing comes second in terms of importance. This is about eliminating predominantly water-soluble waste products. Consequently, drinking larger amounts of liquids is crucial with this type of cleansing.

Two liters of liquids per day is a very reasonable amount, and with increased dehydration, it can be increased many times. Some specific minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals accelerate repeatedly this cleansing process. A variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs contain them, just to name a few: watermelons, pears, cranberries, lemons, cucumbers, parsley, birch, willow-grove, golden stick, hazel, horsetail, whip and Lespedeza capitata.

Lungs and respiratory tract cleansing

Keeping a clean breathing system directly involves digestion and foods being consumed. Excessive consumption of dairy, meat and pasta products may result in greater amount of hard to eliminate mucus being built up.

On the other hand, diverse plant foods have an extremely beneficial effect and, in particular, moderate amounts of hot spices - onion, horseradish, ginger - known for their antimicrobial and expectorant action. Herbs such as white oman, thyme, plantain, lungwort (Pulmonaria officinalis), anise and a number of others are mostly recommended.

Skin cleansing

The skin is said to "mirror" the body health status. Most of the toxins and allergens in the body are expelled through in the form of various skin formations. Therefore, the fact that dietary and unloading diets (being properly held) are also good for skin health should not come as a surprise.

Healers and scientists noticed long ago that the herbs being effective in skin diseases are also strongly recommended in a variety of internal "blockages". Nettles, walnuts, tricolor violet, sweetcorn, sarsaparilla and others are among the most popular ones.

Skin, hair and nails need regular external hygiene, preferably with pure water, herbal extracts, vegetable oils, humus and other natural products.

Other organs and systems cleansing

Normally, the other body systems are also affected beneficially by the abovementioned cleansing procedures thus eliminating the need for additional cleansing techniques and means.

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Purification of the ethical system

From time immemorial sages, spiritual adepts, and secular individuals known for their profound knowledge of life used to outline moral rise as being fundamental, since without it other people can take on the wrong path.

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle said that "who advances in the mind, but lags behind in ethics, goes rather backwards than forward." History shows that the basic moral "merits" are almost the same, whether recorded in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Bible, Confucius, Hindu and Ancient Greek writings, the Qur'an or newer spiritual and ethical treatises.

Everywhere at the beginning is the "golden rule" - do not do onto others what you do not want to be done onto you. There is a group of principles that can be summarized as the fundamental virtues - humility, sincerity, charity, purity and patience. Vedic scriptures say that these principles are the foundation of spiritual life and guarantee a person peace and happiness.

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Purification of the information system

This system includes imagination, logic and memory. Nowadays more and more of our "channels" of perceptions are congested by unnecessary, distracting and directly harmful information. Therefore, over time, it is increasingly important for a person to choose not only what comes into his mouth, but also what comes into his head.

One has to choose his bibliographic and film preferences, the frequency and the places of rest and the people he communicates with. All of these factors can contribute to harmonizing the psycho-sensory-physiological mechanisms determining the level of our well-being.

We can also talk about purifying the logical mechanism of reason, as our reasoning is often distorted by insufficient attention to facts and their comparison, and also for selfish reasons (when we defend our opinion just because it is ours) or seeming collusion with irrelevant opinions that belong to the majority.

Cleansing our speech

One of the ancient wise principles of success in life is to speak no more than what is necessary, and only things that one considers to be true, sincere, useful, and tactfully conveyed to our counterparts. One sometimes needs "to pour out the soul", but it is important to do it before the right person. At other times, seclusion and silence help to "collect" the individuality and direct the released energy to important changes in the life values ​​and perspectives.

Purify emotions

Sensual-emotional reactions and higher emotions, structured in long-lasting feelings, are a complex and interpenetrated system deeply rooted in the subconscious. Self-control is of great importance for their purification and harmonization, especially at moments of agitated emotions, to also prevent some hasty action on the spur of the moment.

One need not suppress one's feelings nor leave them unreigned.Under subliminal pressure one is like a "smoldering volcano" on the brink of an outburst any moment. That is why we need to learn safe catharsis by means of movements, music, songs, games and special individual and group psychotherapies.

On the other hand, uncontrolled emotional outburst can exhaust the whole system and put one into socially unacceptable situations. The balance between adequate expression and proper channeling of emotions and feelings is also important.

Additionally, measures of the general lifestyle can be of help, such as eating, sleeping, breathing, etc., as well as light herbal and mineral remedies - emotional stability is easier to achieve when the overall health and neurohormone levels are in order.

Enhancement of Will

Will is most easily explained as conscious self-control. With some people, it is set as part of the temperament and character, but at the same time it can be successfully cultivated. This is particularly helpful in the continuity of all endeavors, reduction of compromises, and communication with constructive and purposeful people as well.

Purifying the Soul

Usually, spiritual purity associates with following certain principles and practices. Prayers and meditations can be useful for developing inner peace and spiritual prosperity if they are guided by an authoritative spiritual teacher who transmits authoritative knowledge as it is.

Otherwise, if these practices are placed in the service of the lower ego, they can result in false pride, contempt, or even aggression to the disagreeing ones.

The most important criterion in spirituality remains: "You will recognize them in their deeds". There are people who, in theory, are not interested in the spiritual, but give an example of spirituality in their lives, through inner purity of motives, fulfillment of duty towards society and nature, and through different creative achievements. That is why the most important thing in spirituality is the way one acts, not how many books he read and how much knowledge he has.

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