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Recommendations for a Healthy and Successful Christmas fast

What food to consume during Christmas fast and how to prepare it?

Christmas fast has begun - a true grace for our body, mind and consciousness. They are an excellent opportunity to purify and recharge our body with new vital energy and power.

Vita Rama Health Center offers you to follow them through a whole plant food based diet combined with motion, relaxation and more adequate thinking. We would like to encourage you following the Christmas Fast with no seafood consumption.

The diverse plant diet being properly followed will improve the function of your organs, tissues and systems; will cleanse you from the accumulated toxins; will promote your immune system and improve your sleep. As a result you will improve your overall health and increase your vitality and stamina.

It is of crucial importance to know for certain which foods to include in and exclude from your menu, and of course, how to prepare them in order to follow healthy and even curative Christmas fast. In our next article a more detailed discussion involving the most appropriate foods combination during fast will follow. Following the rules and guidelines in concern you will supply your body with all the important nutrients and elements, their proper absorption and will not worry about deficiencies.

During Christmas fast, Vita Rama Health Center specialists recommend you the following:

Exclude all types of animal foods from your menu:

Consume only a variety of plant foods:

To prepare your food in the proper way:

Vita Rama Health Center ensures that by following these recommendations and guidelines, you will undoubtedly improve your health, increase your stamina and enjoy happiness and harmony.

Good and successful post!

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