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10 ways for detox through movement

Spring is one of the best seasons for cleansing the body from the accumulated toxins. To ensure a non-stressful and effective detoxification, we recommend the following:

Vita Rama Health Center team recommends you some affordable and easy ways through which you can aid the work of both your circulatory and lymphatic system and certain organs such as kidneys (urine), intestinal tract (stool), skin (sweat), lungs (carbon dioxide):

Еxercise 30 minutes every day

Daily exercise is very important. Regular exercises aid natural body detoxification. Exercise and stretch for at least 30 min. daily. These will improve your blood circulation and burn unwanted fat stores, thus eliminating the toxins from the fat cells and sweating them out.

Daily time for jogging or cross

The slow rhythmic running contributes significantly to the elimination of toxins from the body. When jogging blood flow in the kidneys and liver is at its maximum, the kidneys function increases, one urinates more frequently, thus the body detoxifies. As a rule urinalysis after jogging always show high levels of toxic metals. Morning cross refreshes and clears the mind.

Practice aerobics

Aerobic exercise will enable your body muscles to move. They will strengthen the cardiovascular system being vital for detoxification. Do not overdo aerobic exercises. Stop when you feel discomfort.

Practice yoga

Yoga practices are an excellent way to deal with the accumulated toxins. Asanas increase blood circulation, massaging the internal organs and improving glands function, thus releasing toxins from the body.

Breathing yoga techniques improve gaseous exchange in your body and help release the carbon dioxide and toxic gases, while also supplying the body with oxygen to purify blood.


Swimming improves blood circulation and stimulates the excretory system. Swimming in the sea detoxifies magnificently due to the strong ionization of the air above the sea water, which promotes oxygen absorption and carbon dioxide release.


Bicycling improves the lymphatic system circulation and relaxes rigid bodies. Bicycling increases blood circulation to result in body warming and expelling of the accumulated toxins through sweat. Regular cyclists keep their bodies nearly detoxified.

Contrast shower technique

The simple alternating cold and hot shower water makes bathing a healing technique. First run hot water for 2-3 minutes, then cold water for 1 minute. Repeat it 3-4 times. The temperature change increases the blood circulation and lymph flow, thus aiding the detoxification.
This technique is not recommended for pregnant women, asthmatics, diabetics and cardiacs.


Sweating is one of the most effective detoxification techniques and sauna is the best place for this to take place. Multiple sauna sweatings are found to aid the body expell toxic agents being continuously accumulated, such as lactic acid, sodium and uric acid. Тoxins accumulated in subcutaneous adipose tissue are expelled through perspiration. Toxins accumulated at deeper tissue levels advance upward to be released through perspiration. Blood enriches with oxygen and circulation accelerates during sauna. Increased levels of oxygen can aid removing toxic substances from the blood.

Select an appropriate location and conditions for detoxification

If possible, plan holidays for the detoxification period within a clean environment and comfort conditions. You may feel tired and exhausted, dizzy with headaches, in great discomfort, as during the detoxification period your body releases a lot of toxins. So, you must have a good rest while detoxifying. The right recovery following the body cleanse is a combination of rest and proper healthy nutrition.

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Reduce stress thinking positively

Negative thoughts and feelings fixation can also be toxic. That's why you must think positively and enjoy you can manage the Detox challenge.