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5 ideas for healthy movement in the fall

Fall is one of the best seasons for exercises when temperatures are moderate, and the beauty and the colors around you contribute to further charge your body and boost a positive mood. If you were not able to spare some time for healthy walking in the summer, now is the time to do it! Here follow some suggestions on how to move your body:

1. Organize a pleasant walk in the mountains, woods or in the park with a loved one and enjoy the magnificent views and bright colors. This will exert a beneficial influence on both your health and mood.


2. Hiking. Hiking is magnigicent in the early fall! Get the best of both worlds: make a full body workout and prevail hills and peaks! Remember: Hiking, especially climbing the slopes, increases the burning of excess calories, improves harmful toxins elimination, refreshes your mind and boosts up your mood. Healthy walking, regular breathing and ionized mountain air combination promotes highly respiratory diseases recovery.

3. Select a cyclе ride trail - a short one, taking several hours or all day.
Remember: 1 hour moderate speed bicycling results in 500 calories burning approx. Bicycling developes well legs and buttocks musculature; if you dream about a tight and athletic build then bicycling is the right choice for you to exercise in a pleasant way and fresh air.

4. Riding. Horse riding is an enjoyable hobby and sport for adults and children. It develops balance, improves coordination and motor function, strengthens muscles, improves reflexes, prevents muscle cramps, increases joint mobility, strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves blood circulation, stimulates the sensory integration, improves visual perception of space, develops responsibility, patience and self-discipline, increases self-confidence. Horse riding in pace stimulates internal organs, promotes digestion and liver function and results in burning over 5 calories per minute.

5. Joint sport with friends.The hot summer is over and fall is the right season to play football, basketball, volleyball or tennis with friends. Fall weather is cooler, so you are spared the heat during heavy motion. Organize your friends and 2-3 times a week play sports and have fun together. Apart from everything else, it will help you get in good shape and you will enjoy many positive emotions and pleasant moments we all need. Besides being a way to maintain good health and tight body, sport is a way to manage our emotional stress. Sport with friends stimulates happiness hormone production, so engage in sports and enjoy life.