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7 ways to reduce weight through motion

Obesity and overweight are often associated with poor diet and insufficient exercise. Lack of exercises slows down the body metabolism, nutrients can not be absorbed, and toxins and fat can not be burned and eliminated from the body.

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Exercise and motion help control the excess weight by accelerating the metabolism, reduce insulin levels and burn excess fat. Regular exercises improve your overall health and help prevent the onset of many diseases.

Here are a few ways you can reduce excess weight through a natural and healthy way:

1. Running
Running is a very popular method for reducing overweight. It is one of the most effective ways to burn excess fat and thus bring your body in shape. High intensity exercises, such as running, result in more excess fat burning than the low intensity ones do. One hour medium pace running burns between 600 and 1,000 calories.

2. Cardio workouts
Cardio workouts are one of the most common weight loss exercises due to its effectiveness. They increase heart rate and metabolism. However, bear in mind that if you do this type of workout for the first time, it should last no longer than 20 minutes a day. You can increase gradually duration with each exercise to better your endurance and reach the desired shape. Good cardio workouts have multiple benefits, however, overworkout could result in various issues, such as knee pain, loss of muscle mass, slower metabolism and others. Workouts must be consistent with your health and mental state. If you haven't worked out for a long time and decide starting with cardio workouts, it is advisable first to consult a professional in the field.

3. Bicycling outdoors
Bicycling outdoors is a pleasant and effective way to reduce overweight. It is much better compared with the static bicycling indoors for its variety of various terrains and difficult trails. The amount of calories burned in bicycling usually depends on the speed and trail difficulty. Bicycling at an average speed of 15 km / hour can burn up to 372 calories, at moderate speeds of 20 km / h up to 745 calories and higher than 25 km / h approx. 1117 calories. Cycling builds the lower limbs musculature.

Whenever possible, use a bike instead of a car to travel. Apart from improving your physical condition, you protect the environment.

4. Playing at skipping-rope
Playing at skipping-rope is an easy and very effective exercise. Playing at skipping-rope for several minutes can do miracles both with your body and weight. Moreover, skipping-rope perfects for your entire body assisting your eye-hand coordination elaboration. A moderate skipping-rope pace burns about 931 calories per hour.

5. Dancing
Dancing is a pleasant way to reduce overweight. It is an aerobic exercise to improve both your heart and lungs state and your coordination and balance. Depending on your weight and loading level, dancing can burn between 150-250 calories within 30 min. exercise. Dancing to your favorite music is a great way to reduce or completely eliminate stress you accumulate daily.

6. Sport
Sport is very important for anyone who wants to be healthy and maintain a good physical shape. The rule of thumb is to enjoy the sport you have chosen. Best sports to reduce overweight are the following: tennis - burns up to 600 - 1000 calories off fat per hour; basketball - burns up to 600-900 calories off fat per hour ; football - burns up to 500-900 calories off fat per hour.



7. Mountain Hiking
Mountain hiking can both help you reduce weight and keep you healthy and active. Mountain hiking helps improve the muscles, lubricates joints well, increases lung capacity, decreases levels of depression, maintains ideal weight. Mountain hiking burns up to 400 - 650 calories per hour!