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Dr. Dimitar Pashkulev on the "Wings" of the Immune System

Dr. Dimitar Pashkulev’s medical practice combines various conventional and naturopathic approaches to physical and mental health. Dr. Pashkulev worked as a phytotherapist for various health centers. He is qualified in a number of areas such as homeopathy, Dr. Bach's flower therapy and aromatherapy, interpersonal and transpersonal psychology, psychodrama, eastern diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic methods.

Dr. Dimitar Pashkulev is the author of 20 books on nutrition, phytotherapy and complex naturopathy treatment and dozens of studies on natural herbal and essential oil remedies.

The number of people, sinking in the city smog, is rapidly increasing day after day - in a state of chronic stress, sedentary lifestyle, with inadequate nutrition and frequent use of strong drugs with equally strong side effects... This lifestyle results in refractory inflammatory and degenerative processes even young people often suffer from.

We think we don't have the time and stamina to change anything. Is that so? Indeed, the environment conditions are difficult to change, but the individual resistance of each and every organism is crucial. This is especially important when considering the immunity status - a derivative of a complex set of factors, at least half of which depend directly on us.

Here it is the list of factors which determine the individual immunity parameters:

Not only do naturopathic methods directly improve the immune function, but they also restore metabolism, neurohormonal regulation, normal intestinal bacterial flora, secretory functions of the biliary-liver system, intestines, kidneys, and skin. All those processes influence greatly the body recovery, as well as prevent the disease in the first place. And while in case of some serious diseases we really need to resort to modern medications, in all other cases, including recovery after severe sickness and for any kind of prevention - priority should be given to safe, naturally regulating complexes.

A comprehensive integrated approach to health is a universal necessity and should not be considered a luxury. (I would like to say in this regard that for about 25 years in the field of alternative medicine I have received better results in patients with a relatively limited budget but responsible attitude towards the instructions they need to follow, rather than when relying only on expensive drugs and passively following procedures.)

A bird needs both its wings to fly, similarly, two major groups of measures are necessary for our immune system to function properly: a more adequate lifestyle and a mass availability of natural remedies.
The first wing has been covered by a large number of related books and an ever increasing volume of information on the Web: healthy eating and breathing, use of natural factors (air, sun and water), physical culture, massages, mental self-regulation...

The second “wing” envisages the use of a diversified spectrum of natural ingredients which, unlike the "heavy artillery" of most synthetic drugs, can be used in a wider field and for a prolonged period without adverse side effects.

Not a single panacea, including in the field of immunoregulatory herbs, is found to exist in accordance with the current scientific data. It is a complex system with a lot of subdivisions, each of them possibly having a different type of assistance needed and receiving it through different methods and means.

It turns out that echinacea, aloe, elderberries, ginger, garlic, horseradish, nettles, Indian andrographis, American pau d’arco, Asian mushrooms shiitake, Siberian mushroom chaga, etc., are not interchangeable as immunoactive agents. They need to be personalized and appropriately combined or alternated. The various forms they come in also matters - in a raw state, as a powder, as a dry or liquid extract - each form has its "pro's" and "con's" and the phytotherapist is the one to make the proper decision for each case.

The same applies for a lot of macro and trace elements, some are directly connected with the immune cells, while others restrain inflammatory and allergic responses, using metabolic hormonal mechanisms, and a third type is involved with the overall strengthening of various organs and systems. Special attention should be given (administered through meal and as supplements, if necessary) to potassium, magnesium, zinc, silicon, sulfur, selenium, germanium, cobalt (in vitamin В12) и silver. Mineral therapy can also be applied externally, especially with magnesium and silver.

Vitamins - A, B6, C and D in particular - are known to tremendously boost the immune system and the whole body. In most cases, they can be obtained from a variety of whole plant-based foods (and vitamin D – from sunbeams). Since the unavailability of all-year-round fresh vegetables nowadays is more or less a rule, their super concentrates are, for instance, seaweed, beer yeast, pollen, dried green juices.In case special supplements are necessary, they had better be individually tailored and prepared by a specialist than using standard multivitamins and minerals.

Certain amino acids (lysine, arginine, glutamine, histidine, etc.) as well as organic acids (citric, malic, succinic) have been shown to improve immune function and cell metabolism. They are present in natural products and are sometimes also prescribed as supplements. Propolis has antimicrobial and immune preventive action. A whole range of effective essential oils (mainly for inhalations and rubbings) may be involved as well: pine, juniper, eucalyptus, lavender, thyme, marjoram, rosemary, tea tree, etc. can also be included.

However, if antibiotics or chemotherapeutics are used, it is important to restore normal intestinal bacteria by taking probiotics, at least 2 weeks after the conventional therapy has ended, along with prebiotics (nourishing the normal flora) such as inulin (present in the roots of a number of vegetables and herbs, especially in Jerusalem artichoke and chicory).

In all cases, however, spend more time for yourself and call on Nature (through its gifts) and possibly the right specialist to get the most out of centuries of experience and modern science.
I wish to you success!

Dr. Dimitar Pashkulev, www.dpashkulev.info

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