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How to boost your immunity during the winter season

The season of colds and flus has come. Accordingly, one of the most frequently asked questions is: "How do I boost my immune system to protect myself from microbes, viruses and chronic diseases?"

Our immune system does its remarkable job by protecting our body against disease-causing microorganisms, eliminating toxins and other harmful substances, keeping cells healthy, etc. It works well, maintaining our health and vitality when there is balance, purity and harmony among its constituent elements: blood, bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen and thymus.

The key to maintaining a strong immune system is healthy nutrition and keeping an alkaline-acid balance and cleansed body. It can be achieved by consuming 60-70% of alkaline-forming foods (most fruits and vegetables) and 30-40% of acid-forming foods (plant foods are the best option: most cereals, some beans, nuts). Unfortunately, the foods we consume during the winter season are highly acid-forming and toxic. Such are: meat, fish, eggs, highly processed dairy, sweets and pastries. This type of food clogs and acidifies blood, lymph, glands and intestinal tract. This results in pathogenic bacteria promoting conditions and environment. Consuming larger quantities of the above listed products, as well as taking artificial stimulants such as coffee, black tea and cigarettes, may overload and weaken the nervous system. The result is: impaired metabolism and toxic waste disposal, and the more toxins accumulate in the body, the more the immune system weakens.

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Consuming 80% carbohydrates, a maximum of 10% fats and 10% proteins out of your total calories intake, is an important condition for the proper functioning of the immune system.

The body's immunity can boost by consuming at least 80% carbohydrate foods, especially those highest in sugars - fruits, grains and legumes. Their adequate absorption as glucose is only possible if you take no more than 10% fats and 10% proteins. Should you exceed those percentages, glucose (the most important macro element and energy source for the body) will remain in the blood and will not be able to reach the cells. As a result, the immune system will not function properly, it will weaken and colds, flu and other illnesses will follow.

Cleansing the body through water, juices and fruits is another effective way to boost immunity. In this case it is recommended to start with 1 day, consuming only water or fruits, twice a month. The best days for this cleansing are the Ekadashi days. These are two very auspicious days,, which occur on the 11th lunar day and on the 26th lunar day of each month. This type of detoxing results in a significant amount of toxins being expelled from the body to stimulate and boost immunity.

Foods to boost immunity during the winter:

Recommendations for the preparation of rosehip tea: Thoroughly grind the rosehip grains into a blender, chopper or coffee grinder. Soak the ground rosehips in lukewarm water for 12-16 hours, mix well and drain the rosehip soaked water through a sieve. This will give you a cold-pressed extract to keep all vitamins, especially vitamin C.

Boosting the immune system is entirely related to the body cleanse and its balance maintenance. It can be achieved through adequate nutrition and detoxification. Our behavior, way of thinking and activities are also part of this process.