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Success stories

Sonya Blatinkova

I enrolled in the health program of the Center mostly out of curiosity, but I had specific health problems: allergy, ovarian cysts, overweight.


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Anna Goncharova

I felt that finally I have chosen the right path. At the end of the first week I was already 2 kg. lighter, but my successes were still to come. Slavi Slavov prepared my diet that I followed, and 5-6 months later my excess weight melted. I feel lighter, healthier and more beautiful.

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Zlatka Ivanova

Eight months after my first stay, I visited Health Center Vita Rama again. The results began to upgrade – the antibodies of the gland had dropped dramatically and I felt wonderful! After my third visit, which lasted for two weeks, and shook off the insulin resistance and swelling all over my body that were the result of my two diseases. I no longer have insulin resistance and Hashimoto! My physical condition is excellent!

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Stefan Gospodinov

I joined the program "Health" of Health Center Vita Rama in September 2014 g. I was in a very serious health and mental condition. Although I was vegetarian for four years before I met with Vita Rama, my health still seemed to go down and at one point I had the depressing feeling that I bump my head against the wall and whatever I do, it brings me only diseases. During this time I managed to get an eczema, colitis, gastritis and reflux.

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Milena Abadjieva

I chose Vita Rama, because the philosophy of this center fully meets my views and beliefs about healthy eating. I wandered a long time, until I find the right way of eating among the many existing theories and conflicting information from various sources. My stay in Vita Rama surpassed my expectations.

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