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Zlatka Ivanova

4 years ago I searched for alternative methods to treat my autoimmune disease - Hashimoto. I had read on the Internet that treatment is possible through diet. So I came across the web site of the Health center Vita Rama and decided to visit them. The Health System Vita Rama offers solutions to health problems through diet and holistic approach without medications that mask the symptoms.

After a thorough discussion with the specialists of the Center and reviewing my medical documents I underwent a healthy nutrition for a week. Besides healthy nutrition at the Center I attended yoga classes and participated in daily excursions. After this period, my general condition greatly improved. All those who are suffering from thyroid diseases know that besides all the resulting problems, body weight is significantly increased. For this one week stay at the Health center Vita Rama I had an outstanding performance and reduced weight. Eight months after my first stay, I visited Health Center Vita Rama again. The results began to upgrade – the antibodies of the gland had dropped dramatically and I felt wonderful! After my third visit, which lasted for two weeks, and shook off the insulin resistance and swelling all over my body that were the result of my two diseases. I no longer have insulin resistance and Hashimoto! My physical condition is excellent!

I managed to convince my family through my achieved results that our diet can maintain our health and since three years my son and my husband are coming with me. Every year we plan our stay in the Health center Vita Rama. Many of my friends also visited the Center and were not disappointed in their expectations.

After my first stay in Vita Rama I left behind the negative emotions, I felt incredible harmony. After each visit, I feel renewed physically and mentally.