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Vita Rama healing therapy

Vita Rama healing therapy was developed and based on the 35 years of professional experience in health nutrition of the nutritionist Georgi Slavov.

Vita Rama healing therapy considers health as harmony between the body - what we eat and what is our physical activity, the mind - stress levels and the spirit.
In nutrition therapy Vita Rama, food is the real medicine for the body. Therefore, healing nutrition - the right combination of food and its proper preparation is the foundation of Vita Rama therapy.

Healing foods of Vita Rama:

Purification of the body - detoxification is an essential element of nutrition therapy Vita Rama. By detoxifying the body is cleansed of accumulated toxins, restored to its natural balance and the proper functioning of metabolism.
The various options for detoxification are offered depending on the individual situation of each client: fasting, juice therapy, fruit therapy, raw food diet, veganism.

Care for the mind and spirit
In the health programs Vita Rama healing therapy uses
hatha yoga exercises, breathing exercises, bhakti yoga and kirtan (mantra meditation), relaxation techniques for positive thinking, walking and hiking. 

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