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For health center Vita Rama the employees are our most valuable asset.
Health center Vita Rama invests in discovery, development and training of its employees.
Health Center Vita Rama creates opportunities to work on different projects and programs for professionals in nutrition, healthy lifestyle and holistic approach to health.

If you share our mission and principles,
If you possess the necessary qualifications, skills and experience;
If you want to join the team of Health Center Vita Rama, please send your professional CV and cover letter to info@vitarama.eu

We will contact you as soon as a vacant position opens to which your profile fits.
All applications for employment are considered with care and under strict confidentiality.

By sending personal information via e-mail and attachments, the applicant gives the Health Center Vita Rama consent that these data will be used when assessing whether the applicant is suitable to be employed by the organization. All data are personal in the sense of the LPPD and will not be provided to third parties.

There are currently no vacancies available.