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1977 - Georgi Slavov graduated from the Medical College "Yordanka Filaretova" Sofia, with specialty "Nutrition instructor."

1977 – 1988 – Georgi Slavov is a Chief nutritionist - nutrition instructor in SHR: Seaside Sanatorium - Sunny Beach, Weight Loss Sanatorium – Kiten; Sanatorium – Pomorie

1980 – 1985 – Georgi Slavov is a lecturer in Food Hygiene at the Professional Training Center - Sunny Beach.

1988 – 1991 – Gergi Slavov is a nutritionist – instructor in nutrition at the Social patronage of Nessebar and lecturer in Food Hygiene at the secondary school "L.Karavelov", Nessebar.

1992 – Gergi Slavov met Lydia Kovacheva.

1994 – 2000 – Georgi Slavov is an assistant and consultant of Lydia

1995 - 2005 - Georgi Slavov, in collaboration with Dr. Verginia Georgieva and Dr. Georgi Gaydurkov, manages the treatment of groups in the town of Nessebar and Sunny Beach.

1997 - 2007 - After 10 years of research, analyses and practice with hundreds of patients, Georgi Slavov and Dr. Georgi Gaydurkov create a new method for natural health nutrition.

2006 - began to function the Health Center Vita Mores with senior specialist - a nutritionist of health nutrition Georgi Slavov.

April 2013 – Health Center Vita Mores changed its name to Vita Rama - "Happy Life". The new identity of the organization reflects its values and vision in the field of healthy lifestyle and holistic approach to health.