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Tzvetoslava Dinova

"Our son has been suffering for 10 years from asthma, allergic rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, food and drug allergies that we could not control with standard treatment, and even to the contrary - his condition worsened.
For many years we were looking for and went through a lot of alternative treatments, but the results were not at all satisfactory.
Everyday we were too tense and filled with many stressful situations as a result of which we were very nervous, irritable, confused and lost faith in everything and everyone ... our quality of life had deteriorated.
On July 26, 2014 the whole family enrolled in the "Detox" program of Health Center Vita Rama in Emona.
Our stay at the Health Center was an incredible experience! Nowhere we had met such professionalism, combined with loyalty and understanding ...... and not only that, but the food was our medicine.
The results we achieved were well above our expectations. Our child has made huge advancement - there are no scary nocturnal asthma attacks, allergic rhinitis and most allergies. This led to a reduction of stress and calming the nervous system of all.
After our stay our thoughts and feelings changed radically.
We started to perceive people, nature and food differently. We became liberated from fear, prejudices and our old way of life. We were filled with positive thinking, love and happiness. We found harmony ...

We are purified, happy and confident in the success.
We are extremely grateful to the entire team of Vita Rama. They awakened us for conscious and healthy lifestyle. They filled us with hope and faith. We continue to keep in touch with them. This connection is very important for us. They motivate us to move forward and unfold.

I am very proud of the fact that we were able to follow our healthy diet even after our stay at the Health Center Vita Rama and this is already our natural way of life.
Constantly I recommend Health Center Vita Rama to relatives, friends, colleagues and all who have lost their health and themselves somewhere in the everyday life of "civilization." We need everyone to understand that food can heal!!! "
Tzvetoslava Dinova