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Malina and Villy Gogovi

My journey to a happy life began with Vita Rama

Theturning point

The troubled doctor looked in my eyes and with intense gaze and with all the terms, she had learned in her life, she told me about the knot of my thyroid gland and how urgently I should perform fine needle biopsy, and then possibly the fastest removal of the knot.

It was actually the turning point - the moment when you realize that you are really going against yourself. Herniated disc and these terrible back pains, constant fatigue, headaches, overweight, irritability, almost unable to relax - I can add more to that troublesome list; as if all these were not enough and I had this happen to me. Just at that moment, something inside me changed and I knew what to do - to trust myself, to think for myself and figure out what I am missing, what I am doing or not doing, so that my life is going in this direction.

Thus began my journey to a healthier, happier and beautiful life. I talked to my friends and people known to me who were already aware, with my brother Nicky, who lives for years "in a strange way," I read a number of books, articles, stories, while gradually I learned to listen to my body and follow my instinct. The correct for me eating, breathing, movement and thinking opened the door to a new life.

Vita Rama gave us the perspective

We visited the center with my husband Villy and our two daughters. They employ spiritually grown people, very good specialists, very positive and great masters of delicious, healthy vegan food.

Slavi prepared an individual diet for each of us, we attended the useful lectures daily, we started the day with morning gymnastics or yoga and breathing exercises, until lunch we enjoyed the beach of Irakli and in the evening we took part in the organized excursions. We ate healthy and wholesome meals. It was a different summer vacation – vacation each person needs to relax and escape from everyday life, to recharge while at the same learn many new and useful things.

I recommend the programs Vita Rama to all who have decided that it is time to make the change for themselves and to take their health into their own hands.

My change

If you ask what happened to me since I changed my diet and way of thinking, I will tell you that I lost 11 kilograms (as a side effect), my horizon expanded and I am full of energy, ideas and dreams. The knot tightened, my hormones are in the norm. Blood pressure and cholesterol of Villy are normalized, his permanent headache disappeared, he lost 20 kilograms and is about to stop the pills Lamictal, which he took for 15 years. Yes, the road is long and still not beaten, but its worth going for it!

We look forward to the summer of 2016 when will be happy to meet again with Lenko, Slavi, Georgi Slavov, Toshko and all the other wonderful people from the team of Vita Rama.