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Ivanka Stoyanova

I am happy to share with all my friends and family the wonderful experience of 21 days I have had in the Health Center "Vita Rama." I did not expect such attention, dedication and devotion of the team, which I met there. I'll share it now and you can publish it wherever you want. I learned about Vita Rama accidentally from a blog, and then from their website. I chose them because my health collapsed – I was in very bad health, with a bouquet of diseases and a bag of drugs.

I joined program "Health" from July 13, 2013 to August 2, 2013 . I am left with wonderful impressions from everyone and everything. There was nothing to disappoint me there. I strived to keep the order, instructions and requirements of the team. Extremely useful for me was my stay in Vita Rama. I returned to Varna as a new person- lost weight, rejuvenated, refreshed, full of energy, cheerful and very mobile. And most importantly - cured! I no longer live on pills!

But I still follow the diet of the Health Center and I play sports, albeit with slight strain – I play outdoor fitness and running by the sea. Not only that, I would visit again Vita Rama, but if I could, I'd only lived there! I strongly recommend everyone to visit Vita Rama! There, the team achieves miracles and until they are ensured of the desired result, they do not leave you alone! This is an incredible team!

Endlessly, endlessly I am grateful that they gave me a new life filled with joy and happiness!