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Ivanka Dobreva

My name is Ivanka Dobreva. I am from Varna and I am a teacher. My age is 52 years.

Few years ago I had many health problems and was looking for a way to solve them. They came as a result of serious illness and the heavy treatment that followed. All my organs were damaged - stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, bones and joints. I had pain in all joints and bones, dizziness of any kind, even seizures. I was takingone bag with drugs and instead of recovering, day by day, my condition worsened. My husband took me from doctor to doctor, to no avail, and we were getting more and more desperate.

For the first time I visited Health Center Vita Rama in 2014 for 7 days, but because of the good results I decided to extend my stay for 14 days. Already on the third day of my stay I felt very well and I decided that I should continue in this way in order to achieve really good results. In the beginning I was detoxifying with juices, fruits and water, and then to my diet were included a variety of main dishes - breads, sauces and hummuses made from a variety of legumes, cereals and so on. I have always thought that this diet - vegetarian, vegan - would help me. Already in the first week of my stay in the Health center Vita Rama disappeared my heartburn, the burning in the stomach, there were no crisis. Dizziness was controlled to a great extent. Pain in the small joints faded away. The problems with the pancreas were solved – there was no pain. Yet, there was still much to be desired.

I continued at home with a similar diet, movement and spiritual practices that were recommended to me in Vita Rama. There is a significant improvement in my health. My husband cannot stop boasting wherever he is that I keep following the program of Vita Rama and there is really big improvement in my health.

Now I'm a happy person.I would recommend to anyone who wants to be happy and healthy to visit Health Center Vita Rama!