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Alexandrina Dimitrova

I have learned about Health Center Vita Rama from a TV show, which involved my
acquaintance .

I enrolled along with my family in the health programs of the Center in the summer of 2014.

Few months ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. At diagnosis, my antibodies were many times above the norm. One year later they were almost within the normal range.

During my stay at health center Vita Rama I was fascinated by the extraordinary attention that I was given by all members of the team of the Centre, by the dedication with which they work, by their genuine desire to help each visitor, by the wonderful atmosphere of love and peacefullness that reigned.

Surprisingly for me - a person who has never eaten in a similar way, the food was very tasty, varied and not least - appetizingly looking. Subsequently, I realized it was also very easy to prepare.
I adhered to the prescribed diet strictly for about 7-8 months. Then I included additional foods, taking into consideration the advice I received on how to prepare and combinie individual products.

I still keep in touch with the specialists of Vita Rama and receive recommendations for making further examinations; adjustments in diet according to my current results. I am extremely grateful for the hope that the team gave me at a time when doctors assured me that my illness is incurable; for the encouragement I received at the time of malaise, concomitant to the healing process.
I feel rested and surcharged with lots of energy. Part of the symptoms associated with my illness (rapid pulse, fatigue, anxiety) began to subside even during my stay, for which the yoga classes played also a big role.
I plan to visit Vita Rama with my entire family each year.
I recommend Vita Rama to all acquaintances with chronic diseases.
THANK YOU, Vita Rama!