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Super foods

Poor diet involved hectic and busy daily life often brings about negative health consequences. Chronic fatigue, lack of stamina and energy, weak immune system, digestive problems, overweight, diabetes, compromised hormone function, impaired function of the reproductive system - just a few of the diseases to plague the majority of people.

The right combination of certain nutrients our body needs to be in good health can be obtained from the food we consume. Unfortunately, nowadays many people (especially those living in urban environments), fail to get all the necessary substances to provide for excellent health. One of the best solutions to this problem is the intake of the super foods.

What is a super food like?

Super food is an edible and highly nutritient specific set of food plants, which cannot be defined either as foods or as drugs (such as herbs, for example).

Super food is both food and drug to combine elements of either one. The famous raw-eater David Wolfe defines the super foods as "the most powerful, highly concentrated and high in nutrient foods on the planet." They are definitely very tasty and satiating, having the rare ability to increase energy and vital power in a natural way. Superfoods are the best choice for integral health improvement – boosting immunity, increasing the production of serotonin and alkalizing the body.

Super food can satisfy and even exceed all needs of a human in proteins, glyconutrients (polysaccharides), vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. They definitely are a super fuel for the contemporary overstressed man, supplying him in the best possible and natural way. Superfoods help feed the brain, bones, muscles, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, reproductive system, pancreas, skin, nails and the immune system, moreover correct imbalances, help smooth reduction of overweight and detoxificate the organism.

Nutrients in conventional foods are to large extent in short supply so citizens being unable to get organic foods are advised to consume super foods to achieve a complete and balanced diet. People are advised to consume superfoods in raw and organic form as this is the only way to keep sound the nutrients contained in the superfoods.

Some of the most popular and wholesome super foods you can read more about in the articles to follow are as follows: green super foods - barley, wheat stalks; Algae - AFA (blue-green microalgae), spirulina, chlorella; traditional South American ones - poppy, yacon root, Inca berry, chia seeds and others; as well as traditional Bulgarian - hip, wolfberry, chokeberry, pomegranate, red and black blueberry, mulberry and hemp seed.