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Healthy Christmas table

On December 25 we celebrate Christmas one of the brightest Christian holidays. Christmas also marks the end of the 40-days long fasting. On Christmas day Bulgarians usually prepare an abundant "fatty" meal that they share together with relatives and close friends.

Vita Rama health center offers you an alternative, consisting of a rich vegie menu that is able to satisfy all culinary and aesthetic tastes. Thus you will have the opportunity to continue the whole foods plant based diet from the Christmas fasting period and consolidate your state of health.

Vita Rama health center suggests the following 7 healthy recipes for the festive table on Christmas Day:

Festive salad

made with a variety of leafy green and seasonal vegetables such as Jerusalem artichokes and beets in the form of a Christmas wreath.


Snowy soup

delicious and warm snow white cauliflower soup with aromatic spices, decorated with beets in the spirit of and with the colors of the holiday.



Stuffed Chard Leaves

with sunflower sauce – we suggest that as an alternative to the traditional feast stuffed vine and cabbage leaves.





entirely vegetable and equally nutritious version of the popular roll.



Vegetable pie

a light and delicious vegie alternative to the usual festive pastry.


Pear Cake

is an extremely flavorful and delicious seasonal dessert.



Pink truffles

with bewitching aroma of roses and cardamom.