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Green Super foods to boost immunity in the winter

The quality and quantity of the food items we consume are of paramount importance to our health. Appropriate and proper diet is a prerequisite for clean body and intake of enough nutrients to maintain our body immunity high. If our immune system is sound, there is a much greater chance the winter related viruses and flu to stay away from us.

Prevention is always better than treatment, so why not invest in your health and happiness, instead spending fortunes for drugs and feeling bad?

The easiest way to boost your immunity in the winter is to increase the intake of immunostimulatory foods.


There are foods being super concentrated in nutrients and have a strong, powerful and detoxifying effect. These are the so-called Green Super foods.

Green Super foods are known for their remarkable effect on the immune system and improvement of the integral human health.

AFA blue-green algae:

AFA is one of the best nutritional supplements on the planet. It has numerous health benefits, stimulating immunity being one of them. According to Dr. Jensen Gete, who conducted extensive research on the effect of the AFA and other blue-green algae on the immune system, the intake of Afanizomenon FLOSS-akve (AFA) has a highly good effect on the blood circulation and the cells involved with immune function in humans.

AFA is a highly useful product to boost a weakened immune system or deal with improper immune responses. AFA algae contain a high concentration of phycocyanin in the algae's blue pigment to favour the increase of immunity through stimulating the production of more stem cells by the bone marrow. Stem cells are the basic form of all cells being transformable into any cells, including T-cells, macrophages, etc.


Spirulina is another blue-green alga known to be also among the most useful plant organisms. It contains a strong concentration of mineral nutrients to charge the body and affect favourably the immune system.

The immunostimulatory properties of spirulina can never be exaggerated because of its unique ability to fight infections, improve the functioning of cells and even preventing diseases like cancer. Dark green color of spirulina shows it is chlorophyll abundant to facilitate a detoxifying effect and help with cleansing the body from environmental and other contaminants.

Spirulina improves the cellular communication of the body and facilitates DNA restoring. Spirulina has been shown to be an immunoregulatory food. Small amounts of spirulina can help balance and stabilize the immune system as it produces more metabolic energy to give vitality.

Thus people taking spirulina are often reported experiencing increased energy levels.


"There are a few products to provide all, or even most of the raw materials needed for the production of new cells and maintenance of existing ones. The problem is that we need them all as a whole to be healthy. One of those rare products to contain almost everything you need is the ocean phytoplankton." Dr. Jerry Tennant

Phytoplankton is found to be an incredible imunnostimulator. It contains:

Phytoplankton also contains vitamin B6, B12 and bioflavonoids responsible for maintenance of the immune system.

Wheat and barley stalks powder:

Wheat and barley stalks powder are effective sources of almost all nutrients being essential to human health. Not surprisingly, they fall into the group of super foods. Apart from the general health benefits, they affect favorably the immune system:

The intake of green super foods during the autumn and winter months will surely boost your immunity. We must not forget the quality of the food and the effect of walking exercises on the immune system as well. If your menu is full of salads and cereals, in combination with green super foods, if you regularly take walks and exercise, you will surely enjoy good health and lots of energy.