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Online Consultations

Who are the Online Consultations intended for
Vita Rama Health Center Online Consultations Service is intended for everyone who would like to recover and maintain the body balance and improve their health through Vita Rama healing therapy.

With the help of the Online Consultations Service, you will receive not only an individual diet plan with detailed explanations and recommendations how to best comply with it, but also guidelines for appropriate physical activity, relaxation techniques and stress management aiming at the following: peace of mind, vitality and happiness. Read more>>

Initial and Follow-up Online Consultation
Based on the Initial Online Consultation, Vita Rama Health Center team will prepare your individual diet plan to help you cleanse your body and trigger cure processes, self-regulation and recovery through proper replenishing. Read more>>

With the Follow-up Online Consultation, Vita Rama Health Center team will prepare an extended program for healthy nutrition and lifestyle, if you would like to. The extended program will help you achieve sustainable and long-term results and form new healthy habits. Read more>>

Which diseases respond favourably to Vita Rama Health Treatment System


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